October 8, 2012

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

More than forty years ago, Swiss engineer Paul Schärer and architect Fritz Haller set out to create a flexible shelving and storage system based on modular architectural structures. Reflecting their respective professional backgrounds, they made it a goal to marry technical perfection and durability with design elegance. The result was the USM Haller furniture collection.

Being streamlined and contemporary in styling, USM furniture works as well in the private home as it does in office and other environments. And since it’s modular, you can configure the piece to  slip comfortably into the available space rather than settle for something just because it ‘fits’.

The USM palette comprises just three elements: a metal panel, chrome steel tubes and a chrome-plated brass ball joint that connects them. These elements provide the supporting structure and the exterior envelope for the components and materials contained inside the modular units. It’s hard to imagine a more minimalist vocabulary yielding as broad an array of design possibilities.

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