October 18, 2012

Indoor gardeners – rejoice! Someone had been thinking long and hard about your situation and came up with something rather delightful. The two Italian designers, Francesca Bonfrate and Alessandra Bove, that make up Bubble Design created an at-home gardening collection called Green Kit. The line is comprised of four different but equally useful items (see photos after the break): Invaso – a climbing plant support object, placed directly into the pot; Serravaso – a miniature greenhouse (in two sizes) that will create a perfect environment for plants to grow; Travaso – a clever and useful loose soil collecting surface, allowing your to easily poor the excess potting soil back into the pot; and Trifoglio – a modular climbing support wall that can also be used as a hanging divider (and you know how much I love hanging dividers). So there you have it – a perfect gardening quartet that will keep your green thumb occupied during all those long winter evenings.

(via design-milk)

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