December 6, 2012

London based designer Paul Cocksedge, well known for his bold space installations, came up with an object of a smaller scale, but just as impressive as his other works. Invisible Bookend is a visual illusion, allowing you to display books without any additional support. A slightly tilted stack is all we see. He never reveals the trick, making our curiosity another selling point.  “I wanted to discover if other people would enjoy as much as I do seeing books displayed without any other object to distract attention from them. This is a design which is not about appearance, only function. That’s the beauty of it,” – says the designer. A great gift for all the book lovers on your list…

grunter on 12/19/12

Looks like a good way to permanently destroy the spines of those books. Bravo.

Bryan on 12/21/12

This looks so great! I wonder how it works. I would have tried to dyi it, the shipping is almost as much as the product. ^grunter – I’m sure they’ll live…

Eismont Designs on 12/26/12

This would be cool if the books were displayed vertical like they had real invisible bookends.

ece on 01/01/13

I guess the design has a similar idea to this:

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