January 17, 2013


Earlier this week I featured a video about furnishing a tiny room. One of the products in that footage was so clever, I thought it deserved a special mention. The Tiefschlaf bed by Linda Altmann und Oliver Krapf consists of six panels. The headboard element is an option. The bed can be easily assembled and secured with straps. And if you need to free some space – you can take the elements apart in minutes and store them neatly on top of each other. A definite hit for any studio apartment, Tiefschlaf has already won the Interior Innovation Award at the IMM Cologne 2013. I personally love the fact that in addition to being portable, the piece has an elegant, “eamesy” vibe. It doesn’t look like a temp item at all. Made from wood veneer, the bed comes in two sizes and three finishes.

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Dennis on 01/17/13

I still don’t get how that thing is clever. There’s no clever way to hide the mattress and it takes quite a while to assemble and disassemble so you won’t do that every day. I’d rather go with an ordinary studio couch.

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