February 4, 2013


Lithuania based design studio etc.etc. came up with this clever modular storage item, called Foldin. This shelving unit is comprised of a wooden frame and folding shelves (hence the name). The frame is expandable and can hold from two to twenty shelf segments. Each shelf is made of three plywood pannels connected to each other via a piece of felt. This flexible structure allows to change the look of the unit easily depending on a situation. The frame itself can serve as a holder for hooks or hangable items. The piece ships and stores flat.






KMP Modern on 02/05/13

I love this idea. It seems so simple, like why didn’t I think of that or see that already. It’s perfect for all our crazy lives. You can put it up and then figure out what you really need and add on. Plus it would work in most spaces and travel well into a new interior! Thank you for this post!

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