February 8, 2013

– People with the Eames fetish – for your enjoyage! Eames Lounge Chair debut in 1956.

– Really heart these tool-themed temporary tats.

– I dedicate this to everyone who hates winter as much as I do – People vs Winter.

– Data storage in DNA becomes a reality? #Gulp…

– Possibly the most elaborate hand drawn maze ever made.

– Ever wondered how to wash hands in space? Watch.

– A dramatic surprise button ad now has a sequel. Equally dramatic.

Self-driving car on a parking lot… I can see 27 ways how it can go wrong in New York City. Impressive nonetheless.

Beautiful and fun hotel design in Barcelona.

– If the weather is keeping you indoors, you might as well watch this documentary about the Wall Street crisis. I just did, it’s fascinating.

Have a safe weekend, folks!

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