April 28, 2013


Assemblage is a set of 10 modules that fit snugly inside each other, and then slide out so they can be stacked for use as customizable shelving. The piece is held together by twelve metal clamps with a striking red tightener. You can arrange the unit into various configurations, so there is never a dull moment with Assemblage. And if moving or storage is in order – the piece is disassembled and nested, thus turning into a compact and manageable item.  The shelving is made of lacquered MDF and comes in black and white. Available for purchase here.





jaynine on 04/29/13

long time follower here of your blog and now have a working wordpress site, i LOVE your finds; but just wondering why you do not allow for Re-Blogging on WordPress–just curious? or maybe “Press This”

Natalia on 04/30/13

Thanks for the comment, Jaynine! I reduced the number of social buttons to the three essential ones in the effort to reduce visual clutter. I don’t think I will be incorporating more buttons at this time. You can try sharing services, like AddThis and such. Good luck with your site! x

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