June 3, 2013


The Fusillo shelf by andviceversa is a godsend for small spaces. The compact multifunctional item consists of modular elements that rotate to function as a surface or as hooks. A brilliant idea! You can arrange the shelf to fit your exact storing needs and change it endlessly, if required. It can hold books, clothes, bikes, small items, stationary, dishes, bathroom paraphernalia, you name it. Fusillo is available in two sizes.

(via like cool)

Fusillo-Multifunctional-Book-Shelf Fusillo-Multifunctional-Book-Shelf-1 Fusillo-Multifunctional-Book-Shelf-2 Fusillo-Multifunctional-Book-Shelf-3 Fusillo-Multifunctional-Book-Shelf-4 Fusillo-Multifunctional-Book-Shelf-5

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