June 7, 2013


Even if you’re not a techie, you will see the beauty of this project. Especially if you rent your dwelling. Benki is a compact, clever, smart outlet plug, that has a light sensor, temperature sensor, and a microphone. This mighty little device helps you to control a vast number of your other devices – heaters, fans, baby monitors, cameras, lighting fixtures, you name it. All these things, plugged into Benki, become easily programmable (and controllable) right from your smart phone. Neat! The implementation is as easy as plugging Benki into your existing outlet. No cables, no installation mess, no ginormous home automation system prices. And the best news – Benki is currently Kickstarting, so you can take advantage of the introductory price.

Kenny Smith on 06/07/13

Hey, thanks for mentioning our project!
We’ve been working really hard on getting “The Internet of Things” right for everyday people.

Natalia on 06/07/13

You’re very welcome. Good luck with the campaign!

Duane Johnson on 06/07/13

In addition to ease of use, I think one of the greatest things about Benki is its founders’ stance toward openness and innovation. Other hardware engineers like me can use it as a platform to build other devices. Just as much as it solves some problems well, it also opens the landscape for further creativity by technical users.

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