July 16, 2013


Here is how Barcelona based designer Roger Moliné describes his highly unusual and inventive Level shelf: “Level is a wall shelf that changes its shape depending on the content. When we put books in a category, that grows by increasing the volume available and enabling storage of more books. Thanks to the weight of the books, the shelf reveals the category with more books. So we can compare who read more books, or what kind of books we read more.” Fun, isn’t it? I also love that Lever is super lightweight. It arrives to you in a carton tube, which saves storage and shipping costs. Points for eco-thinking!





Raymond Duke on 07/20/13

I like this, but I would rather have the fabric unroll/roll from the ends as items are added.

Ipek Gur on 07/21/13

Nice work but it highly resembles Istanbul based product designer Tolga Soran’s “Book Sling” which also published in Alex Johnson’s “Bookshelf” book. You can see the details here: http://www.coroflot.com/tsoran/Booksling

Emma on 07/24/13

This is more like wall art than a shelf! Very cool!

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