December 9, 2013


This serving and carving set by Norm Architects is a real lifesaver when you need to through an elegant soirée. Comprised of four stackable components, it allows you to cover several entertaining scenarios. Use the bamboo cutting board with its discreet center opening to allow liquids and juices to drip down into the tray and not onto the table. Place the cooling pad in the black melamine tray, then place the white porcelain dish on top to attractively keep foods chilled while serving. Or use the tray and dish separately for handling larger culinary presentations. When not in service all four pieces are compactly stacked within the serving tray for maximum space saving. Very clever. A great gift idea too. Available for purchase here.


menu_norm4pccarving_3_web_1 menu_norm4pccarving_1_web_3

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