March 5, 2014

Organization nerds will appreciate this. Created by Seattle based studio Three by Three, these silicone organizers are perfect for busy people who don’t have a lot of space. Small and unobtrusive, these dry-erase planners can be attached to any smooth surface – wall, fridge,  mirror, even window. They come in weekly, monthly, vertical and horizontal varieties. Each piece is easily cleaned and reattached. The planners can be supplemented by double-sided silicone sticky pads that hold small notes, staples, stamps and other lightweight items.


34812-stickitweekly-horizontal-springgreen-environment 34821_stickit_monthly_planner_white_use_800w__98785.1370995655.1280.1280 34870_stickitdots_multicolor_use__12347.1377735330.1280.1280

pamela gene daley on 03/08/14

I have this and cannot figure out how to clean it! The writing won’t come off; what’s the secret?

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