December 21, 2015

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Procrastinators, rejoice! There is still time to pick a few extra special items for someone you have forgotten to put on your list (there are always folks we never remember until the last nanosecond). Another vital point is that the gift-giving does not always end at the Crimbo morning (in my experience, anyway). There’ll be parties, office gatherings, drinks with friends and colleagues, you name it. So, if you need to stock up on some universally lovable items, there is no better place to search for them than Uncommon Goods. After the break I go over my picks and personal favorites.

For your work comrades, consider anything desk related, from calendars to paperweights and clocks. Below are just a few of my favorite goodies.


Bookends are always a classy gift. Uncommon Goods offers a whole bunch of them, and I struggle to find the one that isn’t cute. The Giraffe Family is my favorite, though.


The Productivity Timing Hourglass is a great way to do the Pomodoro technique in style.


I actually gave the Bubble Calendar to a coworker as a gift a few years ago. Never before or since have I seen a grown man reduced to a state of a five-year-old so ecstatically and completely.

DaydreamThe Don’t Quit Your Daydream paperweight/calendar is witty, useful, and capable to remind you of your life priorities, which is so useful in the hustle of the busywork.

If you go to people’s homes this season, and you know a little bit about them, even if it’s just their name and address, you are in luck with this selection of personalized gifts. Check out some highlights below.


The Venn Diagram cutting board combines function with the beautiful display. And a nice touch of geekiness, which I especially love.



The Custom Latitude Longitude keychain is a versatile gift. This could be a person’s home or a special place that you and them have in common. The possibilities are endless.


If you have a friend who travels a lot, the Scratch Map can be a visual way to celebrate their worldliness. Check out more fun art and posters here.

And finally, for the often neglected person on your list, yourself, there are gifts that bear a great impact. For example, this Do Good hanging chair, handwoven by the members of a small village of the endangered Mlabri people in northern Thailand. Your purchase will help their community to sustain itself. And an elegant, lightweight on-demand lounging spot is something every shoebox dweller can appreciate. Check out more home furniture ideas here.


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