December 22, 2015


Batea is an auxiliary table, designed by Daniel García and María J. Vargas for Woodendot. The piece features a slick serving tray that can make your entertaining, lounging with a drink, or an occasional TV dinner that much more elegant. Batea is composed of a tray, a lacquered metal structure, and three solid wooden legs easy to assembly. Solid natural ash wood has been used for color finishes and solid oak wood for the natural ones. The piece comes in 7 different finishes, so you can either match the colors or go for a contrast. Beautiful design and execution.


January 15, 2015

Here is a cool idea – a line of furniture that is assembled by way of powerful magnets instead of adhesive or metal fasteners. Dock 312, a young design firm from Chicago, introduced a series of goodlooking side tables, all featuring flat-pack principle and intuitive, tactile assembly without the use of tools. Each design is also reversible – just turn it upside down, replace the glass top and the piece instantly turns into a whole new table. Powerful magnets add sturdiness to the structure. A great concept.


November 7, 2013


Good News is a small table created Norwegian designer Karl Marius Sveen for the furniture brand Mokasser. This simple and elegant piece holds your magazines and newspapers without cluttering the surface. The table is made of oak wood veneer and comes in three finishes: white, black and natural. A nice idea for a coffee or side table, especially when the space is tight.


April 17, 2013


Bikini Island by German designer Werner Aisslinger, created for Italian furniture brand Moroso, is a new approach to a living room couch. Instead of traditional mono-directional sofa, facing the common TV screen, this modular item can be arranged to accommodate different space uses.

Here is how designer describes his idea: “Life in the living room has changed quite a lot recently: families and their kids are ‘chilling’ with different activities: reading, downloading files, writing emails, gaming, chatting with friends, watching movies on a pad, relaxing, talking, thinking, meditating… The easy to arrange bikini-sofa landscape invites to find ones own composition due to space and activities.”

The piece is comprised of various soft volumes of three different heights. Additionally, small storage items, coffee tables, bookshelves, and other accessories can be integrated into the unit. The curtains allow to isolate certain segments and provide privacy – perfect for a single-room layout.


January 10, 2013


Just wishlisted this beautiful Harry stool from Stockholm based brand Massproductions. Inspired by traditional Japanese joinery techniques and Torii shrine gates, Harry is a stunner. Harmonious shapes and fine craftsmanship combine to make a charming piece suitable for many situations. You can use it as a side table, bed table, extra seating and more. Harry is available in two heights and five finishes.


January 8, 2013


Nesting tables are a good idea for small spaces for the obvious reasons – they are usually compact, allow multiple functions and additional storage, useful in any guest-entertaining happenstance… These particular tables, in addition to the appeals listed above, are gorgeous. Designed by Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon of Studio WM, the collection of nesting side tables, called Bombus, can lend an air of class to any room. Placed below each other they form a small cabinet. Designers gave each table a slightly different shape, corresponding harmoniously with the rest of the set. The tables are made from yellow poplar.

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December 7, 2012

Cube 6 is a brilliant invention of designer Naho Matsuno. It allows us to solve the most common small space related problem – guest seating. This compact item, which in its folded state can serve as a stool or a side-table, unravels to reveal six stools. A perfect solution for a party situation! Made from birch plywood and maple, Cube 6 is minimal and sleek. And once you’ve mastered the puzzle, it should be effortless to put together.  (more…)

November 13, 2012

I absolutely love these elegant and simple side tables by Stuttgart based designer Simon Busse. Thanks to their clever construction, the pieces fold flat when you need to store them. And when some extra tabletop space is required – you can assemble them in minutes. Here is how designer describes his concept: “Only if all its components interact the table stands firmly. Three flat wooden legs other form the basis and are brought into position by a connective element. A hook on the top side of the connective element holds a coloured elastic band – the marionette’s string. The band runs through the wooden legs towards a tabletop and turns into a carrying handle on the upper side. In order to lock this fragile structure, the tabletop is bevelled downwards, the legs are kept in position and the entire table stands firmly.”


October 19, 2012

This beautiful side table by German designer Philipp Beisheim is versatile as it is elegant. Comprised of three parts, it can be easily assembled and disassembled, and, thanks to its construction, it can take various shapes. Here is how designer describes it: “TOAD side table is an exploration in creating new forms by adding stability to an object. A single table segment cannot stand independently; it has to be connected with at least two other segments to create a stable playful configuration. This was one of the most important factors in determining the form of the table.” The piece is made from solid ash and features lacquered top in two colors.


October 16, 2012

The Takka table by Agnieszka Mazur reminds me of a piano stool I had when I was little. The principle here is the same – a humble butterfly screw locks the table at an adjustable height. This simple and smart construction makes the piece an ideal contender for a small urban apartment. Takka can serve as a side table or a dining table for two. The tripod-like base provides enough leg room, and the tabletop is just big enough for an intimate table setting. A great little item to have in a confined studio or dorm.

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