May 9, 2016


This beautiful hydroponic garden system, called Foop, has been developed by the Japanese company Barakan Design. I love how compact an unobtrusive the piece is, blending beautifully with any surroundings. And as someone who has a very curious cat, I appreciate the closure, allowing the greens grow undisturbed. The Foop garden communicates with an app on your device, allowing you to track the growing cycle of the plans and add more water as needed. Available for purchase here.





elly on 05/11/16

Loving the foop! Very modern and it’s cool how you can connect it with your phone!

LK on 05/11/16

this look Great to people who want to grow plants/vegetables but like many people living in large metropolitan cities, don’t have sufficient garden space to do so. 🙂

Elin Hestenes on 05/13/16

This must be the most beautiful hydroponic garden I’ve seen. Thanks for showing me!

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