May 26, 2016


This 309-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong is astonishing. Designed by studio LAAB, it utilizes clever tech to maximize space and nest functionality virtually on the same spot. The tiny dwelling features such amenities as full size kitchen, bedroom, full bathtub, guest bedroom, home cinema, gym, and even catwalk and lounging areas for the three feline occupants. The place can be fully transformed based on the time of the day, thanks to clever smart home technologies. Watch the video after the break for the mind-blowing tour.



JDH on 06/06/16

This is the first true example of a “smart home” that I have seen, and this implementation is fantastic. To have a home where the spaces truly transform to fit different needs is very exciting. Thinking about the spaces in most homes, they are only used for specific purposes at specific times, which results in really a lot of wasted space that could be combined if the design was just smarter, thus allowing the available space to work harder. Love it!

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