March 1, 2013


Wooden Carpet by German design studio Böwer is an interesting invention. Comprised from wooden segments, attached in various patterns to a sheet of durable textile, it can be arranged as a three-dimensional piece or placed flat on the floor. The beauty of this concept is in its versatility. You can really let your artistic flag fly and create different 3-D forms that can work as seating, lounging or sculptural objects. And if you are not blessed with a beautiful parquet floor in your apartment – this carpet can give you that missing wooden fix. Lovely. The carpet comes in four patterns and fabric choices.


June 16, 2011

Most carpets are passive objects, they rarely possess any functions other than lying there and looking pretty. Not this one. Designed by the Alexander Munk Design Byreau, the unusual piece, called Sasan Magic Carpet, can perform many roles. It has four sections, which will allow you fold it in many different ways. While perfectly functional just as a carpet, it can double as sitting, lounging, and even as an extra sleeping place should you need one. Smart stuff!