May 31, 2013


- An astonishingly beautiful coffeehouse.

- 3D latte art – cute.

- This photographer has devoted his entire life to photographing Mt. Fuji. Props to him, stunning shots.

- A hilarious look at Swedishness.

- Carrot whisk. Yes!

- Instantly wishlisted – iPhone 5 magnetic battery cover.

Have a pleasant weekend, folks!

May 24, 2013


- The first look at the new exhibition of Ron Mueck’s brilliant sculptures.

- As a formal Brooklynite I have a soft spot for the projects like this one - Constellation Quilt by Haptic Lab. (via swissmiss)

- Fascinating. How histrorical figures would look today.

- I heart this mirror. What a clever idea…

- Dramatic shots of volcanic eruption made from space.

- A really cool chandelier that creates tree shadows.

- The Inbox – a short film depicting spam messages.

- And something for the senses – a stunning shot of cherry blossoms in bloom in the Tszuki Ward of Yokohama, Japan.

Have a great weekend, guys!

May 17, 2013


- Gorgeous monochromatic underwater photography by Hengki Koentjoro.

- Remember Patch, a stylish self-watering planter? They are Kickstarting! Pledge to get yours.

- First Taste – an adorable video of children tasting unfamiliar foods.

- Really heart this notebook/iPhone holder by DODOnotes.

- A weird and funny ad for Windows.

- If we have to dwell on our failures, let’s do it creatively – The Museum of Brocken Relationships.

- This awesome Pumpcast video has made my day.

- A stunning thread bookcase by Raw Edges.

Have a pleasant weekend, everybody!

May 10, 2013


- Absolutely incredible footage and images of a hurricane on Saturn.

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains… Unsettling animation.

- Brilliant ad for LEGO. I remember doing the same to my gran’s sewing machine.

- Now, that is really weird – a piano was found on Britain’s highest mountain.

- This is what happens when nanophysicists get bored – a stop-motion animation made out of atoms.

- Humans of New York – a great blog and a cute film.

- These interactive robotic lights are stunning!

- NYers – rejoice. The awesomely awesome Rain Room project is opening this Sunday in MoMA.

Have a fantastic weekend, guys!

May 3, 2013


- Mind-bobbling – an interface that turns paper into a touch screen.

- What a cool idea – recycled planters made from used coffee grounds.

- My cat hates the vacuum cleaner. Clearly he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Cat + Vacuum Cleaner.

- An ingenius cookbook uses infographics instead of words.

- This jump rope video is awesome!

- A stunning photo of Manhattan wins the Best Magazine Cover of 2012.

- Loving this idea – a blackout candle and matches in one.

- Possibly the nerdiest nursery I’ve ever seen.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

April 26, 2013


- Stunning Pacific Ocean captures by photographer David Orias.

- Hilarious – unexpected orchestra prank.

- This cat cardboard cosplay is absolutely awesome.

- A house-shaped tissue box cover? Yes!

- Ever wondered how much food you can buy for $5 around the world? Watch.

- A great Pinterest board dedicated to chair design.

- I never knew a spagetti measuring tool could be so stylish – Typeface spagetti meter.

- Haunting and beautiful – 9 fascinating abandoned mansions.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

April 19, 2013


- NASA has discovered three Earth-like planets. Phew… about time, NASA.

- Absolutely stunning miniature houses made by Mrs James Ward Thorne.

- Now, this is the coolest scientific experiment ever! Wringing out water in space.

- A delightful, funny and surprisingly accurate site about all things Russian – WOW, Russia.

- This emergency toilet roll idea made me chuckle.

- A fascinating Instagram account, dedicated to eagles, hawks, falcons and owls living at the Avian Reconditioning Center in Florida.

- All three parallel universes theories clearly explained in this cool animation.

- What a cute idea - eco-friendly confetti that grows into wildflowers.

Have a lovely weekend, folks!

April 12, 2013


- Feed your Eames fetish, if you have one – Best Eames Videos.

- Absolutely stunning parking garage in Miami (thank you, Steve).

- Fascinating read about quantum computing.

- The mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop explained (and shot with a high-speed camera – yay science!).

- Incredible lava kayaking footage.

- The most confortable mug in the world. Why haven’t I thought of that…

- Here is what you can do if you have a slow day at the office and lots of post-its. Post-It Note Arcade.

- And for your visual pleasure –  a plane dives into fog

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!

April 9, 2013


+ Table series by Amsterdam based studio Fraaiheid is a line of multifunctional pieces that can be used for working and dining. The + in the name refers to the connecting principle. Each table can be assembled in minutes without the use of hardware or tools, simply by interlocking the parts. The pieces are made from CNC-cut laminated birch plywood and come in a variety of colors.

(via minimalissimo)


April 5, 2013


- Delightful on many levels – desserts, inspired by modern art. And more.

- Rejoice, lazy humans, there is now a cleaning robot for an iPhone.

- Now this is seriously cute – Helveticat.

- Another creative way to deal with cordage - Wire Blooms.

- Utterly awesome idea - The Minuum Keyboard Project.

- This is how vintage social networking might look.

- Absolutely stunning yarn typography installation by Pae White.

- And something universally beautiful and for some lucky people nostalgic – The Quiet City: Winter in Paris. #sigh

Have a great weekend, guys!