August 9, 2013


- 10 awesome repurposed emergency bunkers.

- A wow infographic – what’s inside a neutron star.

- Tiny free libraries in NY – amazing projects.

- A cool Etch A Sketch ad.

- Mind-boggling. Super realistic people on the streets sculptured by Mark Jenkins.

- Want! Shakespearean insult bandages.

- Hilarious – Dogs vs. Citrus.

- Stunning areal photography by Kacper Kowalski.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

August 2, 2013


- What a fantastic urban project – green roofs for city buses.

- Blown away by this site’s design – The Build.

- Who invented the umbrella? These photos leave no doubt.

- Beautiful lighting fixtures, made so that light shines through the folded wood.

- Possibly the most adorable beer ad I’ve ever seen.

- Tilted glass allows water to evaporate and dries quickly. Nice.

- Impressive dynamic target tracking camera system.

- Love this food storage idea. Wishlisted.

Have a great weekend, ladies and gents!

July 26, 2013


- Up Top – a lovely modular pitcher with the stackable cup.

- If you’re as obsessed with packaging as I am – you’ll love these beautiful cake boxes from A La Modo.

- 10 lifehacks of the past. Still surprisingly useful.

- Awesome idea – USB bed risers.

- Nice animation by Herman Miller - 108 Years of Herman Miller (in 108 Seconds).

- A designy doll house – just the thing to give your child to spike creativity.

- How cool is this – a silk scarf with prints from Nasa’s Hubble images.

- This gave me some serious goosebumps. Glance – a stunning short film by Conkerco.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

July 19, 2013


- Stunning landscape photos show the ferocity of nature.

TheNight Watch by Rembrandt reenacted in a shopping mall in Netherlands.

- Possibly the best looking iPhone cover I’ve seen.

- A sweet and beautiful animation – Fear of Flying.

- Cloud-shaped wall hooks? Yay!

- Life - a tactile comic for the blind.

- Cyclemon – is a series of awesome visual imagining types of bike users. A cool website too.

- I’d take insults of the great over compliments of the mediocre any day.

Have a nice weekend, folks!

July 12, 2013

- An ingenious paper map that zooms in like Google.

- What a fun and sweet project – Chandelier Tree.

- Really loving this cloud-like pendant lamp.

- Disturbing and brilliant anti-drug campaign.

- Would you like to always know where your car keys are? There is an app for that.

- Dramatic architectural photography by Pygmalion Karatzas.

- Scientists explained the best ways to talk to children.

- Amazing-looking waterspout in Florida captured on camera.

Have a safe weekend, everyone!

July 5, 2013


- Amazing science - Harvard researchers grew gorgeous microscopic gardens using delicate chemical reactions.

- 15 most creative food packaging designs.

- Bike riders, for your enjoyage – this Japanese bike parking system is absolutely awesome.

- BBC made a thorough scientific documentary about the secret life of the cat (HT bookofjoe).

- Still searching the floor for my jaw after watching this – incredible gymnastic performance.

- Haunting and beautiful – mirage mirrors.

- A carpenter carves functioning watches entirely from wood.

- Fascinating – linguists identified 15,000-year-old “ultraconserved words” that sounded nearly the same during the Ace Age.

Have a relaxing weekend, everybody!

June 28, 2013

- Ikea designs a flatpack refugee shelter. Cool project.

- Mind-bending – Tableware by James Stoklund.

Guggenheim museum has a rad new app. And it’s free.

- Dutch photographer Jan Banning made these compelling portraits of homeless people.

- Iconic eyeglasses of the famous.

- What a cute idea – a pencil that can be recycled as a plant.

- Love this space-saving seating - JumpSeat Wall.

- And for the senses – Sakhalin Odyssey Project.

Have a good weekend, folks!

June 21, 2013


- An amazing discovery – Lost Underground Egyptian City.

- Here’s something for healthy perspective – the largest galaxy in the known Universe.

- This live photoshop street prank is fantastic.

- Made me laugh – Volks-bagen.

- An incredible photo – a nun housing complex in Eastern Tibet.

- There is a part of me that really wants this car – The Marauder.

- Hankie pocketbook – for suave note-taking gents out there.

- Haunting and beautiful – a photo robot that sees faces in the sky.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

June 14, 2013

- Very creative surreal photography by Chema Madoz.

- Adorableness. Beautiful Insights storage boxes.

- A tasty-looking project – 18 national flags made out of food.

- Love Hurts – a survival kit for your worst heartaches.

- Turn Around juicer – what a simple and elegant idea.

- Mind blowing Excel spreadsheet art.

- How far is it to Mars? See for yourself.

- An incredibly stunning video of a supercell storm in Texas.

June 7, 2013

- A mind-blowing timelapse of the Earth over the last 30 years. And more.

- Slow mo water droplets, like you’ve never seen them before.

- Beautiful and nostalgic collection of photo collages – Window to the Past.

- Crepe making in China - mesmerizing.

- Modular luggage. What a brilliant idea.

- A very unsettling account of salary differences in America – Sixty Seconds of Salary (via swissmiss).

- A great series of educational animations - Design in a Nutshell.

- Life is Precious - an incredibly beautiful and scientifically correct survival kit from Fort Standard.

Have a safe weekend, everybody!