February 7, 2014


Another coat hanger caught my eye this week. This multifunctional piece has been envisioned by Portuguese-born and UK based designer Gonçalo Campos. In the Wallmonds hanger he created a solution for keeping things at hand, in a simple and elegant way. The wave-like curves allow you to hang your clothes and accessories, and the frame can house your mail, phone, keys and other small items. The hanger is made from birch plywood and treated with natural olis. Sold here.


February 4, 2014

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This streamlined clothing rack, aptly called Line, is definitely a looker. Created by design studio Apartment 8 for home interiors brand Schönbuch, the piece appears more like an art object than a utilitarian item. Line features a pull-out hook for larger things like outerwear and a series of smaller hooks in the middle, for your bags, scarves etc. When not in use, Line folds completely flat, allowing flow even in a tightest areas of your apartment. The hanger comes in 44 colors, so it should seamlessly blend with any decor.


December 20, 2013

This delightful collection of flat pack pieces, called Muzzle, has been created by Lisbon based designer Miguel Lopes in collaboration with the studio Paratelier. Thanks to the slot-in assembly principle, each piece is very easy to put together and take apart. The design objective was to create a line that “with an industrial character, flexible and dynamic, an interaction that would be intuitive and playful.” The result is a beautiful collection of puzzle-like pieces, colorful, fun and 100% recyclable. Available for purchase here.


November 27, 2013


London based designer James Tattersall creates simple and elegant designs, one of which I’ve featured in this blog. His other creation, Hook Shelf, is a clever way to add storage to the entryway without adding the clutter. The piece is a combination of a bookshelf, clothing hooks and a drawer. The elements coexist harmoniously in this beautifully crafted object. The shelf is only 27” wide, which makes it a great contender for a small apartment.

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November 22, 2013

set_c9e3633e-a156-465b-9c56-3c59d87b1303_1024x1024These decorative hooks have been designed by my fellow New Yorkers Luez Design and Play, and they are adorable. Made from powder coated steel, they can provide a sturdy and attractive home for your belongings. The hooks come in blue, coral pink and mint. Available for purchase through designers’ website.


October 8, 2013


Saw this hook at the Container Store today and it reminded of the Piano Hanger I featured some time ago. It’s more compact, but the principle is the same. Flat when not in use, it spikes when you need to hang something. Clever space-saving idea! The piece has been designed by David Quan for Umbra. It comes in two colors – black and white. Available for purchase here.


September 19, 2013


This product has been born as an answer to our daily frustrating task of looking for keys and essentials. The Butterfly hook by Copenhagen based studio Makers With Agendas is a great addition to an entryway area. The dual function allows you to hang your clothes while keeping all your small items handy. Light and unpretentious, the piece is made of powder coated steel. It comes in ten colors and two sizes. Available for purchase through designers’ website


August 28, 2013


The Sepia hook, designed by Berlin-based studio e27 for Pulpo, is an expandable piece. Completely flat when you don’t need it, stretched into a dynamic 3D form when you do. Thanks to its curves, Sepia can accommodate several hangers at the same time.  Many points for space saving right there! It is made of powder coated steel and can withstand 4,5 lb.


June 12, 2013


Grapple hanging system by Ryan Frank is another noteworthy Kickstarter project running at the moment. This unusual suspension storage idea is space-saving and cool. It is also highly eco-conscious. The bio-plastic hooks are made of Agriplast, which is an innovative material made from grass mixed with a small amount of plastic. I also like the crane-inspired design of the hooks. Grapple can hold clothing, bike gear, plants and more. Pledge here to get yours.


March 15, 2013


There is a lot to love about the Stacking lamp by William McDonald – it’s fun, clever and beautifully customizable. The piece is composed of colorful stacking elements placed over a wooden dowel. By varying the four available components you can create a lamp, a coat hanger or a space saving combination of the two. You also have a choice between placing the lamps shades down for reading or up for ambient lighting.

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