May 8, 2014


Robok Shelf is a slim modular design created by German Studio Komat. Multifunctional and amazingly compact, the piece allows you to use every inch of your wall space, and do that with style. The oak base attaches to the wall, and interchangeable metal hooks and hangers can be slid to create a storage solution you need. The elements can be moved around any way you like, their own weight keeping them in place. You can fit several Roboks next to each other, make them go round corners or hang them one above the other. And no matter which option you choose, the screws are always hidden. The shelf is available in two lengths with four different hook-and-bow configurations.


April 8, 2014


These witty hangers, made to resemble a blown out of proportion paper clip, can be an interesting idea for a small entryway. Just like the actual paper clips they can be linked to form a chain of any length. This chain then can be suspended from the ceiling, taking virtually no space and accommodating items of clothing, bags, accessories and so forth. The Big Clip hook hanger can also be attached to the wall, making a cool magazine rack or coat hook. The piece is made from solid 10mm chrome plated steel rod, measures 28cm. Designed by studio Arash and Kelly.

 (via designboom)


March 27, 2014

Clinq hanger by German-Latvian studio Flow Design is a very neat idea. The pieces snap to any metal bar or surface without any messy hooks. And because magnets naturally repel each other, there are always even gaps between the garments in your closet. Attractive to look at, easy to navigate… Cliq is handmade in the EU, using local resources, and comes in black, white and natural birch. Available for purchase from the studio website.

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Bicycle Taxidermy is an eccentric project by UK based designer Regan Appleton. The idea first came as an attempt to immortalize his father’s old bikes that could no longer serve their purpose. “A somewhat sentimental take on a mass produced object becoming defunct, the handlebars are given the care and craft of a preserved family pet, – designer explains. – The bikes have now been re-appropriated as a family heirloom.” You have a choice of buying just a plaque (with your own epitaph text, engraved on a stainless steel plate) and mount parts of your departed bike on it. Or you can buy a plaque with the newly sources handlebars already attached. Very cool. The pieces can also be used to hang coats, bags, umbrellas and other items.


February 7, 2014


Another coat hanger caught my eye this week. This multifunctional piece has been envisioned by Portuguese-born and UK based designer Gonçalo Campos. In the Wallmonds hanger he created a solution for keeping things at hand, in a simple and elegant way. The wave-like curves allow you to hang your clothes and accessories, and the frame can house your mail, phone, keys and other small items. The hanger is made from birch plywood and treated with natural olis. Sold here.


February 4, 2014

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This streamlined clothing rack, aptly called Line, is definitely a looker. Created by design studio Apartment 8 for home interiors brand Schönbuch, the piece appears more like an art object than a utilitarian item. Line features a pull-out hook for larger things like outerwear and a series of smaller hooks in the middle, for your bags, scarves etc. When not in use, Line folds completely flat, allowing flow even in a tightest areas of your apartment. The hanger comes in 44 colors, so it should seamlessly blend with any decor.


December 20, 2013

This delightful collection of flat pack pieces, called Muzzle, has been created by Lisbon based designer Miguel Lopes in collaboration with the studio Paratelier. Thanks to the slot-in assembly principle, each piece is very easy to put together and take apart. The design objective was to create a line that “with an industrial character, flexible and dynamic, an interaction that would be intuitive and playful.” The result is a beautiful collection of puzzle-like pieces, colorful, fun and 100% recyclable. Available for purchase here.


November 27, 2013


London based designer James Tattersall creates simple and elegant designs, one of which I’ve featured in this blog. His other creation, Hook Shelf, is a clever way to add storage to the entryway without adding the clutter. The piece is a combination of a bookshelf, clothing hooks and a drawer. The elements coexist harmoniously in this beautifully crafted object. The shelf is only 27” wide, which makes it a great contender for a small apartment.

(via themag)


November 22, 2013

set_c9e3633e-a156-465b-9c56-3c59d87b1303_1024x1024These decorative hooks have been designed by my fellow New Yorkers Luez Design and Play, and they are adorable. Made from powder coated steel, they can provide a sturdy and attractive home for your belongings. The hooks come in blue, coral pink and mint. Available for purchase through designers’ website.


October 8, 2013


Saw this hook at the Container Store today and it reminded of the Piano Hanger I featured some time ago. It’s more compact, but the principle is the same. Flat when not in use, it spikes when you need to hang something. Clever space-saving idea! The piece has been designed by David Quan for Umbra. It comes in two colors – black and white. Available for purchase here.