January 10, 2014


LiliLite is a combination of a lighting fixture, shelf and bookmark, created by Amsterdam based studio Smeets Design. This witty object can blend seamlessly with any style, and it’s perfect for any corner. The operation of the light is intuitive and fun. Pull your book from the wooden peak to turn the lamp on. Set your tome down to turn it off. Brilliant. Watch the video after the break to see how LiliLite functions in an interior. The piece is available for purchase here.


November 14, 2013


Arranging sound devices in a small apartment can be a challenge, because they take valuable shelf space we always need for other things. But what if a sounds system is a shelf? This is exactly the concept behind the aShelf by Danish design studio Kreafunk. The piece is a speaker, amplifier, iPhone dock and an attractive shelf in one. Thanks to the bluetooth functionality, it can be completely discrete and blend into the room. No more cables, no more bulky docks. Just a simple minimalist object, which can also provide extra space for storage. I really love this idea.


December 27, 2012


If you are a bookworm with designy inclinations – your day has come. The Voronoi Bookshelf concept by Alan Rorie is a great interactive idea for us to design our own pieces of furniture via a clever app that Alan is now trying to fund on Kickstarter. The app will help us to create unique designs based on the Voronoi algorithm. Here is how he explains it: “Imagine designing & customizing your own Voronoi bookshelf on your iPad, then seeing it show up on your doorstep just a few days later, fully assembled or as a kit. My goal is not just to design beautiful objects, but to design intuitive, interactive ways for you to create beautiful objects with them. You are the designer-collaborator.” Pretty neat. Watch the video after the break for more details.


July 18, 2012

This bookshelf by French designer Alex de Rouvray is so stunning, it’s borderline art. Yes, I’ve fallen in love with a furniture item again, don’t judge… An elegant steel frame holds seven thin shelves, specifically constructed to hold paperbacks, DVDs and CDs. The shelf is light and compact enough to fit in every corner of an average room. And because it looks good virtually from every angle, you can even put it in the middle of the room and use as a room divider. Made from powder-coated steel and American walnut veneer, the Severin Bookshelf is part of the broader Severin Line, which you can see (and buy) here.

(via designsponge)