November 17, 2013


If you hate cable clutter as much as I do – I will love this product! CableBin by Bluelounge is a smart and elegant way to manage unruly cordage. The piece resembles a slick dust bin, only instead of paper trash it holds all your bulky surge protectors. It uses adhesive components inside so you can latch hubs to the sidewalls of the bin and let the cables drop down the middle. The lid provides an opening for chargers and connectors to be at the ready when you need them. Brilliant! Watch the video after the break to see CableBin in action.


March 19, 2012

If these designy little cable labels don’t make you smile – I shall eat my hat. These adorable organizational items, called The Mark Brothers, are there to help you in sorting your various cordage. Fun and practical, they are the ingenius cable management solution for your home office, TV or music system. And with these labels in place, you might actually be less frustrated about having to fiddle with your cables. The Mark Brothers make a neat gift as well. Available here.