October 24, 2012

This is delightful. Designer Adrian Candela was overwhelmed by the packing waste stacked in his living room after a recent move and decided to turn the old boxes into new furniture. As someone with the pronounced cardboard fetish, I did feature his Nit nightstand before. And what a pleasure it was to find this video, shot by Kirsten Dirksen of Fair Companies, showcasing his other DIY ideas. Do enjoy! Also check out Adrian’s website for actual downloadable instructions.

January 23, 2012

These cardboard series, designed by Heikki Ruoh for Showroom Finland, satisfy my cardboard obsession completely. They are light, eco-friendly and very beautiful indeed. Made out of special kind of cardboard, these pieces can be recycled as paper, yet they are sturdy and functional. Water based adhesives are used to create the material’s sandwich-like construction, so it is perfectly safe and non-toxic. The items arrive to you flat, and can be simply folded into their shapes. No glue or screws required. Perfect for rental apartments or dorms.