February 24, 2014


I love all things modular, especially when they are cleverly layered to provide more storage. For example, this system by Stockholm based design duo Färg & Blanche. Aptly called Pocket Cupboard, this line of wooden storage boxes features leather pockets that allow additional space for papers, magazines and so forth. The pockets are sewn directly into the wood, the technique designers call ‘wood tailoring.’ Not only the pockets fight paper clutter, they create an original pattern when the cupboard is put together.


January 22, 2013


Thanks To The Tree is a creative collaboration between designer David Boon and carpenter De Lappen. And this cool and clever Print Cupboard (love the bookshelf feature!) is their first love child. When you order the piece you have a choice of 10 unique prints. Thus, each cupboard is special. “TTTT seeks minimal pressure on the environment and works only with local woods and natural products. – designers say, – The furniture and objects are made by hand individually and in small editions to endure the test of time. In this way, the fun you will experience will also be very durable.”