October 10, 2014


I fell in love with the FollowMe lamp, designed by Inma Bermúdez for Marset. Portable and compact, it can be taken anywhere inside and outside of your house/apartment. Perfect for small spaces, kids’ rooms, fire escape parties and folks who have recently moved (and require a versatile lighting object). The polycarbonate lampshade is supported by the oak handle, that beckons you to pick it up. The FollowMe lamp comes with LED technology and a dimmer. The battery is built-in, and it has a USB port for recharging.


May 30, 2012

I’ve always loved slot-in collapsible items for their practicality and compactness. This item from ZPStudio has all the above qualities in addition to being highly adorable. Zeta desk lamp, produced for SLowdesign, is constructed from interlocking poplar plywood pieces laser cut from a single sheet, and belongs to a series of objects called the ‘Easy Tech’ collection. Each component just slots in place, making it quite literally a child’s play to assemble. The electrical cable is coated in colored cotton fabric and presented as a decorative element rather than an eyesore. Lovely.

(via medesignmag)