October 7, 2014

For all you espresso nerds out there – here is a perfectly brewed shot wherever you are. Minipresso is a compact manual espresso maker, that takes less space than a regular coffee mug. Perfect for the office, camping, travel, and, of course, tiny city apartments. Available for purchase here.

February 26, 2013


There is one European habit I can never give up, no matter how long I live in the U.S. – and that is the need for espresso. A day just isn’t complete without this fragrant heart accelerator. That’s why I understand every bit of thinking behind Piamo – a portable espresso maker by Lunar. This clever piece is envisioned to work in the microwave, which makes it a perfect contender for travel, office and, yes, tiny apartments with limited counter space. The principle is simple – just fill in water and insert an espresso pad or ground coffee, stack it, flip it and place it in your microwave for 30 seconds. The pressure from the steam will extract the flavor, filling the cup with strong espresso. Watch the video after the break to see the product in action.