July 21, 2013


The biggest issue with the most filing systems out there – they tend to look like something you lifted from your office. Not terribly elegant. So, I’ve been in search for something lightweight and easy on the eye and stumbled on this item from Italian brand Magis Design. XX file holder is a modular and stackable storage piece. Stylish X-shaped frame holds your folders in perfect visibility, which promotes tidiness and systematic approach to filing. The frames can be combined into various configurations. You can use one or two units to store files on your desktop, or stack them vertically in multiples to capture those bits of left-over space that would otherwise not get used. Made of polypropylene with connecting elements of anodized aluminum. Each unit comes with six file folders, label holders and labels. Sold here.


September 21, 2011

Filing is one of the most unavoidable dreads of life. So, it is always in our hopes to finish with it faster. The Up Filer from Westerville Design might just help you do it. This is a wall mounted vertical storage rack, which allows files and other flat content to always remain visible. The pivoting hangers provide easy access to each file and make adding and removing items a breeze. And because Up Filer allows storing oversized paper, it is perfect for graphic designers, architects, artists, teachers or anyone who has a need for filing differently-sized flat content.