March 14, 2014


The air starts to smell of spring, bringing the anticipation of summer and beach grilling. And this product by Spanish design company RS Barcelona is a good way to prepare for the upcoming fun. Mon Oncle portable grill is small enough to be stored away without cluttering your space. I love the vintage flair and leather straps that are both cool and useful. Mon Oncle is perforated with tiny holes that allow air to flow easily, making it more powerful without overheating. The piece comes in gray, blue and green.

(via design-milk)


August 15, 2013


We are at that point of a summer season, when grilling fun starts to wear a bit thin. If you are tired of burgers on a barbecue, check out this product from the Austrian brand What a Wok. It allows you to expand the horizons of traditional outdoor cooking and include some healthy alternatives. The product is comprised of a metal bucket that you would fill with wood or coal, a clay topper and a wok pan. Just ignite the coal and start cooking. I also love the fact that the whole apparatus is very compact and easy to store till the next season. Wishlisted.


May 15, 2013


It’s that time of year again when urban folks experience seasonal envy toward those who can grill on their backyards. I say, embrace your limitations, fellow-urbanites, and check out this cool item from German designer Henrik Drecker, called Bruce Handrail Grill. As the name suggests, the piece is attached to the handrail of your balcony (or fire escape). It functions like a proper charcoal grill and takes as much space as a flower pot. The grill can also be attached to the wall directly for a more permanent arrangement. Love it!

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September 5, 2011

The X-Grill by Picnic Time is a folding little thing you can easily assemble on any piece of outdoor space you happen to have. And because it weighs very little and can be carried around in a tote (included) – it is perfect for picnics as well. It looks quite elegant too. And since the item folds absolutely flat when not in use, storing it is a breeze. I just wish I saw it a tad earlier in the season… Available here.