January 21, 2015


Shoebox kitchens require hardworking tools and aesthetic vision to be livable, and this item from Makoto Koizumi has both. This porcelain stacking set of tools includes a mortar with pestle, a ginger/garlic/zest grater, a citrus juicer, and a storage canister (that also acts as a ladle holder). It could also be used as an elegant prep tool at a dinner table. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe. Available for purchase here.


January 7, 2015


I am a kitchen gadgeteer, and this item by studio Caveman Factory, made me reach for my wallet like nothing else. Anton Strainer Bowl is a very cool idea. It sits on your counter without mixing with dirty dishes and sink bacteria. The specific shape of the piece allows you to submerge your veg in water (a trick to removing pesticides) without using another dish. The strainer is quite a looker, so you can even serve your food in it. A great hardworking item for a small kitchen. Sold here.


December 17, 2013


Holiday food prep can be tough and stressful, but nothing takes the edge off it like the right tools. Consider this beauty – Epicurean Modular Cutting Board, versatile enough to prepare any meal, yet able to fit in the dishwasher and be stored easily. The piece is inspired by restaurant chefs and consists of two interlocking panels. One side of each panel is smooth, which creates a large flat prep area when they’re both used together. A juice groove sits on the other side of one panel and a bread surface on the other. Because the two parts of the surface are independent and two-sided, you can join them together in a variety of configurations to handle whatever tasks are at hand. Each piece can also be used alone. Perfect! A great gift for a cook on your list. Available for purchase here.