September 26, 2013


Elegant futons are not easy to come by. I only featured one in the past. This one, called Figo, is another futon idea I quite like, mainly because it can look and function like a legitimate and attractive piece of furniture. A lounge chair by day, Figo transforms into an impromptu bed by night. Perfect for small apartments and unexpected guests. The frame is made in Denmark from sustainable nordic pine, the mattress and the headrest are produced from soft and durable polycotton (55% cotton and 45% polyester). Figo comes in nine colors. Available for purchase here.


February 21, 2012


Two Belgian designers James Van Vossel and Tom De Vrieze, together Fox & Freeze, created this ultra light and rather gorgeous lounge chair. The product, called FF1, is made from a single sheet of synthetic felt. There is no waste of material (except from the drilled holes), the structure of the piece is not supported by wood or metal. It all rests on the clever fold that makes FF1 durable as well as comfortable. “Starting from a square surface, the felt is twisted and twisted again, just like a scarf, ending in an symmetric but also assymetric object, this is literally form follows function,” – designers explain. The beauty of it for us, small space connoisseurs, is obvious – the chair is easy to put together, disassemble, move and store. FF1 comes in grey, white, grey with white back, and pink. There are even limited edition orange ones (god help me!). You can see the strength-testing video here.