March 17, 2013


Editor’s note:¬†This is a guest post from¬†Donald M. Rattner.

Noted Israeli metal designer Laura Cowan designed the plates in her Dune Seder sets with a distinctly curved profile to evoke the rolling dunes of the Sinai desert where, as the Passover story goes, the Israelites made their journey out of Egypt. There is also a travel version that comes in a metal box suitable for transport and compact storage.

Plates measure 4 x 4 inches, come 6 to a set and include a small round dish for the egg that attaches to the Beitsah tray by a hidden magnet to prevent the egg from rolling away. The tabletop version features a 13 x 9 inch Stainless Steel tray. Sets are available in two finishes: all Stainless Steel, or a mix of Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum. Each plate is hand-crafted and signed by the designer, whose collections include a modular matzah plate, interchangeable menorahs and dreidel sets.