May 28, 2014


Who would have thought that a humble radiator could be so stunning! Scaletta by Italian studio Tubes Radiatori draws on the vision of a ladder leaning up against a wall. It can perform in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, using a simple electric cable as a power source. I especially like the little pulley that helps you to control the cable clutter. What a beautiful idea and a simple minimalist execution.

(via designboom)


November 26, 2011

Most of us are used to see the radiator as that hideous noisy thing under the windowsill we have no control over. New York based industrial designer Rochus Jacob decided to change all that and rethink the annoying item. His version of the radiator is smaller, more efficient and fun to look at. The campfire-like shape suggests placing the piece in the middle of the living space, allowing it to heat the room faster and save energy (and money).

Here is how Jacob describes the concept: ‘Rethinking the radiator is about helping people to reduce the average room temperature by 2° which could eventually save a ton CO2 a year and cut cost by 40%. Modern technology allows the use of lighter and more efficient materials in smaller forms. By moving the radiator deeper in to the living space the interaction becomes more present which enables the user to keep the heat consumption more often at a lower and constant level.’

The system works with hot water or steam just like regular radiators. And in the summer time, the piece can be easily stored away to allow more living space. Brilliant!