April 7, 2014


Ludovica lamp, created by Italian design duo Zanocchi & Starke, is a lamp and a a bookend in one. The piece is comprised of two independent parts: a painted aluminum frame and and a removable lighting element in opaque white plastic. The light is battery operated, so you take it from the base and place it anywhere you need soft diffused illumination. And the best part – this lighting element can be recharged from your computer via a simple USB. I also really like the matching red cable. The piece fill be presented at the Tortona Around Design exhibition, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this week.


July 26, 2013


Having a soft spot for clever flat-pack designs, I thought this product deserved a mention. Paper Lamp by Honk-Kong based studio Milk Design is a lovely little item that provides soft ambient light. Inspired by origami, this lampshade is made from sustainable and innovative bamboo paper from Conqueror, the shape is held by pins. All elements are slot into each other, making the assembly a child’s play. The lamp is available through Milk Design store. Just be sure you don’t have a cat, because she will conquer the Conqueror lampshade in seconds.


February 19, 2013


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

Coil Lamp by Chicago designer Craighton Berman blurs the traditionally distinct elements of shade, stand and wiring by enveloping the entire fixture in a continuously wrapped, 100 foot long power cord. The cord, which is draped over a lasercut clear acrylic frame, makes the lamp appear to float in space, endowing it with a quality of weightlessness suggestive of light itself.

The standard kit comes with the acrylic lamp stand and a socket. You can either provide your own power cord in the color of your choice, or purchase a kit with an orange, green, yellow or white cord here.

Coil Lamp is in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.


January 28, 2013


Hamburg based studio Mirco Kirsch is the author of this clever item – Belt + Sound folding lamp. The piece is meant to be assembled from a single sheet of perforated metal. When the process is complete – you get an unusual looking lighting objects with the 180 degree range. And a titillating sense of pride for your successful DIY endeavor. See the steps illustrated after the break.


July 2, 2012

Cork surfaces are as addictive as bubble wrap – we can’t help but pinning things to them. And pieces made out of cork inevitably double as improvised bulletin boards. Just like this lamp, called Post, created by Brazilian design studio Ninho. This simple and multifunctional product is comprised of recycled cork sheet, pine wood, lamp, socket, and a power cord. The pins (included) attach the cork sheet to the wooden base and suggest attaching whatever you wish to post to the sheet. The assembly process is intuitive and requires zero tools, glue or knowledge of industrial engineering. Watch the video to see how effortless it is… Only sustainable materials are used in creation of this lamp. And clever compact packaging optimizes storage and distribution.

(via designboom)