July 23, 2013


A while ago I featured the awesome Underful Tablecloth, which offered an inventive way of dealing with stains. This next product fights a much bigger dinner time nuisance – cell phone addiction. Dublin based designer Paula O’Connor created Zip It tablecloth. It celebrates the ritual of dining by providing a zipper pocket on the side of each guest for the phones and other distracting technology. Here is what Paula says about the project: “Dining is an important ritual. For many, the act of dining and eating together has been lost. For several individuals, dining has been reduced to a rushed affair. We “eat” but do not engage in a dining experience. Zip It, is one piece from the collection; Dining Together Matters, which aims to encourage a different way. My intention is to celebrate the joy of eating and dining. Establishing the importance of eating with others is the core message of this project.” The tablecloth is handmade from 100% Irish linen, using screenprinting techniques.


December 20, 2011

It has never been so rewarding to be a klutz! Underful Tablecloth by young Norwegian designer Kristine Bjaadal turns your spills into beautiful textile patterns, so instead of embarrassment at the dinner table – you will be filled with delight and ease. At first glance this innovative tablecloth appears to be a traditional white floral damask. But as another oopsy happens, a hidden design gets activated by moisture, and the pattern emerges. The idea is not only visually pleasing and fun, it allows to reuse the cloth even if the stains persist after washing (because they don’t look like stains, you see). I really like this concept and hope it catches up with other industries. Would be nice to have a few shirts made from this fabric too…