December 26, 2015


Le Valet has been designed by the French studio La Fonction. With its refined frame, it divides space, which is already useful in a small apartment. In addition to that, the piece holds small items, provides a mirror (elegantly attached by two leather straps) and three hooks for clothing or bathrobe. It is also a lovely item to give to a house guest, allowing for privacy and a bit of organization. Le Valet is made of solid wood and comes in eight finishes. Available for purchase here.


August 27, 2013


Here is another ongoing noteworthy Kickstarter – Camerino Valet Stand by London based design duo brose ~ fogale. The piece is a lightweight and compact alternative to bulky wardrobes. Here is how designers describe it: “Camerino is a flat-packed valet stand that provides a convenient place to hang your belongings, keeping your house tidy and giving a home to your pocket ephemera. Traditional valet stands were popular in the 1920’s, but have since been forgotten. We have revisited this piece of furniture to fit a modern lifestyle.” What a cool idea! Camerino is available in fluoro yellow and oak. The mirrors are hand polished in copper or chrome. Pledge at Kickstarter to get yours.


September 9, 2012

Here is a Kickstarter project I really heart. Clip Tree by Minnesota based designer Matthew Plumstead of McCarty Quinn studio is a great customizable entryway item and not only. The piece is a configurable valet that can be used in any room of the house, and even in the office. “From cell phones to soap, from spring scarves to towels, from messenger bags to a child’s raincoat, Clip Tree provides a way to elegantly frame our possessions,” – says designer in his Kickstarter intro. The product comes to you with six multifunctional clips – hook, bowl, tray, peg, hoop and mirror. In order to attach these clips to a wooden dowel all you need is a screwdriver. Both wall mounted and free-standing versions are available. Pledge at Matthew’s Kickstarter page to get yours!


November 1, 2011

This valet designed by Linda Altmann for German brand STADTNOMADEN, is not only minimal and slick – it can be a truly multifunctional item around the house. The piece, appropriately called Kammerdiener, comes apart to create two leaning valets that can be used anywhere you need mobile storage. It can also serve as a single unit with the optional tray for smaller things. Made from solid ash, Kammerdiener does not need any tools for assembly – the parts simply interlock. Lightweight and easily movable, the piece can be taken in any room and put to work. Lovely idea!