March 4, 2013


A few days ago I was talking about the alternatives to a traditional wallpaper. Here is one, that is as fool-proof as it can get – Tempaper. The idea for Tempaper was born when a group of set decorators for the film, television and entertainment industries decided to create a peel-and-stick wallpaper that was affordable, easy to install, and just as easy to uninstall. Because it’s self-adhesive, you can use the paper not only on walls, but on any smooth surfaces in good condition, such as doors, cabinet faces, ceilings, and paneling. Genius! It even comes in the DIY Art variety – a peel-and-stick wall covering that is blank and ready to take paint, crayon, pencil, marker, pastel and just about anything else. Perfect for kids and artsy adults. To install Tempaper remove the backing along the top edge and roll it down your wall, pressing with your hands to smooth it out as it sticks. No glues, pastes, water or brushes are needed. To take it off just pull from a corner and let it rip. See the video after the break for a demonstration. Available for purchase here.