February 19, 2011

This cool modular wine rack, called Woo Wine, was initially created by the Warsaw-based designer Sandra Laskowska as a birthday gift for a wine-lover friend. Built from individual wooden or plexiglas hoops, these racks can take as much or as little space as you wish. They can take different shapes too. The hoops can be painted in different colors, which makes them even more customizable. And if you simply run out of bottles to hive (in an infinite Universe anything can happen), the Woo Wine maze can be taken apart and stored flat. Brilliant!

December 9, 2010

Modern Cellar company is known for its massive projects like custom built wine cellars and specialized wine furniture. The object in question – Insta wine rack – is a byproduct of the main line of merchandise. The ‘off-cuts’ that would otherwise end up in the dumpster are salvaged, redesigned, hand polished and given a new purpose. And there you have it – a modern wine rack and a glass holder in one, elegant and functional. Made out of waste and wastes nothing.