December 14, 2010

Anyone who has ever entertained in a small space knows that it is a sophisticated dance between perception and reality. We want to give the perception of not having limitations while cutting corners, especially when it comes to furniture. Ideally we wish our furniture to be credible in its entertaining functions and still keep its day job. This piece from Designers at Large studio does it all. FlatFish 2 is a coffee table by day and a full sized dining table by night. Its sub-structure is formed from waterjet cut light gauge aluminum and its legs are waterjet cut and formed from 3/16” plate steel; hence FlatFish 2 is light, stable and easy to operate in the event of a sudden relative invasion. Something else is interesting about the waterjet cutting technology – it optimizes the use of material and minimizes waste. Any scrap from the cutting process is used to create additional products. So, when the model hits the market (it is in design development now), you can dine and rest your feet on it knowing that you saved more than just space.

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