September 28, 2012

Here is a noteworthy concept by French designer Clement SarrodieBotanic Hydroponic Furniture. In his attempt to introduce more greenery to the everyday life, Sarrodie designed three pieces of furniture for hydroponic plants. Each item allows us to grow our precious botanicals while creating a beautiful setting for them. Would be interesting to see these items produced.


February 20, 2012

The Soft Fold Cabane is a temporary space, complete with several quilted duvets, a reading table, a low bench and a lamp. Designed by Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller, this system can create an instant guest iceland or become a temporary solution for a newly rented apartment. Folding wooden screens create privacy.

According to the designers, the piece has its origins in a found object with very particular properties:

“It is a foldable wooden structure, found in the darkest corner of an antique market in the north of Scotland.” the duo say.

“The origin of this structure is unknown, but we are guessing that it had a previous life as fishing tent. Perhaps it was set up on a riverbank and, with the addition of a canvas, it would shelter fisherman from the elements. Whether this speculation is true or not, we know it is now out of use.”

Soft Fold Cabane is currently being exhibited in the Next Cabane exhibition; a Fabrica group show at MUDAM Luxembourg which runs until the 10th of June.

(via M.E. Design Magazine)


October 13, 2011

My Writing Desk is a project by Vilnius based design studio etc.etc. The concept of this piece is quite simple – to push all storage away from the tabletop and free the surface for work. For this purpose the wings were added to three sides of the desk, providing easy and visible storage for papers, devices, books, and other work-related items. This way the desktop can be used right up to the edges without worrying that things might fall down, and any unnecessary objects can simply be pushed to the storage sides. The wings are divided for simple construction leaving a path for the wires. There are also two traditional drawers big enough for a laptop. Simple, elegant design of the item allows it to float in the room.

October 11, 2011

How delightful is this? Swedish company Matroshka Furniture AB managed to squeeze living room, dining room, bedroom and study in just 15m(about 160 square feet). This was achieved by inventing a piece of furniture that is able to transform into all of the above spaces. Matroshka system was inspired by Russian nesting dolls. Here too pieces fit into each other and save space.

Designers elaborate:

‘When the basic idea was being conceived, the focus was on seeing the room as a volume instead of an area, and on creating plenty of storage while also keeping the furniture comfortable and appealing. The L-shaped desk is fantastically spacious, with a standard height and depth. You may be living in a small space, but that’s no reason to use small furniture. A common problem in small residences is having guests round and finding somewhere for them to sit. With Matroshka, the solution is easy as the living room set-up has space for up to 12 people around the table.’

The entertainment area is built around a clever dining/coffee table hybrid, that can be moved up and down hydraulically. And when the party pieces are tucked in, they serve as a base for a double bed. Thus, all living systems are represented in one all-including piece of Matreshka furniture. It is pleasing that our humble Russian trinket propelled such an inspiring work.


October 10, 2011

Ukrainian designers Valeriy Kuznetsov, Katerina Kuznetspva and Illarion Karnaukh, all together Decorkuznetsov Sudio, have created this family of dual-functional objects. Called Ushanki (Russian for ‘babushka’ hats), the pieces combine shelving and illumination. Each wooden unit is fitted with a fluorescent lamp, which makes Ushanki perfect as a night stand or an ambient bookcase. The piece comes in three sizes.

I love coffe/dining table hybrids for the obvious reasons. Entertaining in small spaces is a balancing act, and these clever pieces make it doable. This particular design in addition to being clever is also adorable. The Bambi table by Caroline Olsson resemble a baby deer. The piece was ‘inspired by the anatomy of the knee, where the bones can only bend one way. The location and angle of the table legs, as well as the meeting points of the joints, help keeping the table upright and stable.’ Bambi can be used at two different levels; as a coffee table or a small dining table. Lovely!

October 5, 2011

Here is another cool idea for bike storage – Pedal Pod by Tamasine Osher. The piece is a perfect urban combo – a bookshelf and a bike rack in one. Made from walnut, this clever little unit can accomodate a few books and small items while proudly displaying your two-wheeled transport. It also allows storing the bike vertically, freeing precious square footage. Great piece for a small city apartment.

October 3, 2011

These modular tables from Made strike with the simplicity of form and the beauty of natural materials. Handcrafted from reclaimed beams recovered from old buildings and structures, the Cascade tables celebrate wood in all its glory – with knots, and nail and bolt holes. And because the items are comprised of modular components, they come in many different sizes. The independent parts of these tables can be used as stools and/or side tables. Clever and visually stunning.

September 30, 2011

The Insekt kids desk by the Dutch designer label Buisjes En Beugels +++ is a smaller version of the grownup item by the same name. Both pieces are made from MPLX birch, contain lots of storage space, and come in a variety of tender age appropriate colors. And, as the era of technology dictates, Insekt is equipped with cable storage as well (which nowadays is relevant for all users, even the little ones). The desk is flat packed and can be easily assembled at home.


September 27, 2011

The Simple side table by Pottinger+Cole lives up to its name: comprised of only three components, it is easy to assemble and take apart. The table’s elegant and understated design is truly universal and can fit virtually any interior. The rubber tabletop offers traction and provides a fun detail, that is also easy to maintain. The item is made from ash and plywood, and comes in three colors.