December 30, 2010

I might loose some of you there, but I must admit that astrology bores the living hell out of me. However, there are people infinitely dear to me, who love discussing the discipline in some detail. In order to make them happy I tried to learn the whole ordeal of counting days, months, and matching them with a specific year… Skeptics know how futile these efforts are. Finally, the system was found and put into practice! This perpetual calendar, designed by my astrological savior Vladimir Mospanov, was inspired by ancient sun clocks. The idea is simple – cut out the circle and the hands, connect the parts with a rivet in the middle, then move the hands to a specific year, month and date. The piece was created for personal use and is free to download. So – help yourself and delight a few astrology-loving aunties at your next family gathering…

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