January 20, 2011

If you grew up on this planet during the last two decades of the twentieth century – you were at some point addicted to tetris. So were most of the contemporary designers. Which is why there are so many reenactments of the game – tetris sofas, tetris shelves, tetris rugs… What we see here is the Tetris mirror – a beautiful addition to the tetris family, created by¬†Julia Dozsa for Fiam. This set of modular mirrors can be arranged into various configurations, from slik and classic ones to extremely elaborate. Each¬†angular segment is fitted with the mount, so it can be attached to the wall individually. The Tetris mirror is versatile, playful, it adds light and depth to small spaces. And this is what we, shoebox dwellers want to hear.

DesignLover55 on 01/20/11

it adds light, sure!

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