January 18, 2011

Show me someone who owns enough book storage, and I will show you a liar (or a philistine). Unfortunately, traditional bookcases are heavy, permanent and expensive. You cannot easily get more of them to accomodate your latest literary shopping spree. Designer Dany Gilles came up with an unusual solution to this problem. He created DIY modular cardboard bookcases that are cheap and easily movable. The product arrives to you as a kit of parts, from which you assemble sturdy display boxes. The elements interlock to create a bookcase unit or stand alone as structurally independent pieces. Made entirely from recycled scraps of cardboard, the storage system is also eco friendly. It is not water friendly, however, but that is its only flaw.

Source: Dornob

signe on 03/13/12

I cannot find anywhere online to purchase this kit. Can you direct me where to go to do so? I am very interested in it.


Meena on 07/09/12

I would like to purchase this kit but cannot find it anywhere. Can you direct me where to go to do so please.

Josh on 09/20/12

Hey I just saw this. I have plenty of cardboard at the moment which I was thinking of getting rid off but I got the idea to convert it to furniture. I think I know how this design works – is it okay if I use it for the cardboard I have?

i need/want these! Has ANYONE found a way to purchase? Help! Trying to teach challenged, economically disadvantaged children to read and about the LOVE of reading without enough books and with NO bookshelves! Help!

Siuling on 05/04/15

Hereis the link where you can find kit http://www.danygilles.com/stricubes.html

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