November 28, 2013


This innovative piece, called Mirror 2.0, has been created by designer Robert Grynkofki. The smart piece uses voice command, face and gesture recognition technology. Two LCD displays are placed behind a one-way mirror with a camera for face recognition, sensors for motion control and a microphone for voice control. It informs you of the weather, news, it can display your e-books and play your music. Getting ready in the morning sounds much more entertaining with this clever thing. The project is Reece 2013 Bathroom Innovation Award entry.

(via yanko design)


October 10, 2013


French designer Paul Menand, whose impressive work I featured in some of my previous posts, created this beautiful collection of mirrors called Parker. The line consists of three mirrors of different size and shape, which can adapt to any type of support. Thanks to the adjustable mount, you can attach them to different objects. The mirrors look particularly lovely as a grouping, but you can use them separately just as well. Love the nomadic versatility of this design. Wishlisted.


August 21, 2013


This simple and stylish shelf mirror made me look. Comprised of two interlocking parts, it can be assembled in seconds and disassembled again for storage and transportation. Love the angular shape of the piece. The wooden hook is also a nice touch. Available for purchase from Golden Biscotti.


July 11, 2013


The Clic shelf by French designer François Beautour is a kind of a good looking minimalist piece many of us would love to see by the front door. Cleverly scaled to a small dwelling, Clic combines a mirror and a shelf with a recess for placing items on top. But the coolest bit is the one we can’t see with the naked eye. Inside the shelf there are strong magnets that allow you to hang metal items. A perfect spot for your keys, USB drives, small tools and just about anything metal. Beautifully understated and practical design.

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February 5, 2013


This fun and attractive hybrid between a clothing hook and a mirror has been designed by London based designer Kirsty Whyte for Danish brand Normann Copenhagen. The piece, called Ready, consists of a round frame made of steel and a round mirror. Not only this shape looks lovely on the wall, it is ergonomic and won’t deform collars of your clothing. Perfect for an entry area or a bathroom. The Ready hook comes in six colors.


October 24, 2012

This multifunctional entrance item made me look. Robin Wood by French brand WA.DE.BE combines a small shelf, hooks for clothes and accessories, lighting, a tray for loose change, keys and/or mail and a small mirror. All these essentials in one compact item.  Designers call the piece a “swiss army knife” of entryway storage, which is more than fair. Robin Wood is made of solid oak and comes in two sizes.

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August 20, 2012

London- and Verona-based designers Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri of Something Design created Club, a clever hybrid of a mirror and a coat hanger. The piece was made for German manufacturer Schönbuch. Club is a freestanding item, so it can be used anywhere in the house where you need to have a reflection and a holding place for a few pieces of clothing. Minimalist and multifuntional, it wins many space-saving points. Club comes in solid oak and walnut.

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November 9, 2011

Here is a nifty little thing from London-based design-duo Doshi LevienKali mirror cabinet. The piece features glass cantilevered shelves that can slide through the side walls and give you the choice – which bits to display and which to conceal. This clever solution also maximizes your storage and allows to fit items of many different sizes inside the cabinet. Another great detail is that you can rotate the piece 180 degrees and choose between right and left hand door openings, which also allows for double cabinets to be installed. The door consists of double-sided mirror glass and a grip of white, high gloss ASA-plastic.

August 11, 2011

This mirror with the girly name Precious was indeed designed by two women – Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel, the creative duo behind the studio Les M. In spite of its minimal form, the object contains a lot of functional details. Its wooden frame houses cleverly hidden drawers and hooks for jewelry, cosmetics and other small items we, girls, like to have close to a mirror. The drawers come in a variety of colors, adding a playful touch to the piece.

August 4, 2011

People used mirrors and fake doors to create an illusion of bigger spaces since the dawn of time. Designer Sarah T. Kang suggests us to use both. Her clever mirror design, named Glimpse, creates effect of a door, leading to another room. The reflection and movement you might catch in the mirror completes the deception.

‘The door half opened always stirs up a sense of seduction and curiosity within us, – says Kang. – Inspired by these ordinary yet inexplicable moments in our daily lives, I designed a mirror that gives an illusion of a door opening on any given surface.’