February 9, 2011

This project has won the Interior Innovation Award during Imm Cologne 2011, which is not the least bit surprising. German designer Florian Gross has created a universally likable piece, called Konnex, that has all attributes we want to see in a bookcase. It is light, modular, stackable, easy to put together, fully customizable in any room, big or small. And because the bookcase can be taken apart and stored in a form of nested modules, it is easy to ship as well. The combinations and uses of the Konnex bookcase are endless, it can even be paired with other furniture pieces, put under your desk, for example. Sold in sets of 3, the slot-in units can be stacked, added to, arranged and rearranged to the extent of your budget and imagination.

Florian Gross on 02/10/11

you can see more news about the konnex shelf system at my facebook page:


repka on 02/10/11

Thank you, Florian! It’s great that the Konnex is going places. Hope to see it in NY one day.

Florian Gross on 02/12/11

Check out the brand new konnex configurator. Have fun and configure your own konnex shelf:


repka on 02/12/11

This is awesome! Thanks so much for the link. x

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