April 2, 2011

Urban Gardens, one of my favorite blogs, posted this clever thing today. Urbio is a magnetic-backed and modular vertical garden system that can bring beauty and greenery to urban walls. The system includes small, medium, and large vessels or pots, wall plates, and individual wall mount pucks that can connect the pots to each other or mount them to the wall. Urbio is a collaborative conceptual effort of two studios – Enlisted Design and Volare. Designers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and bring the product to market.

Linda Gary on 04/16/12

Where can I buy this magnetic garden?

Natalia on 04/17/12

You know, I just saw Urbio very recently at Fab at a discount price. Too late!.. But I believe you can buy them directly from the Urbio website – http://www.myurbio.com/collections/all

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