May 6, 2011

This cool colorful table from KAYIWA, called Nzela, is not only a delight for the senses, it is also functional, foldable and easy to store. The base is made of two panels with slots, which makes it a child’s play to assemble (or take apart if you need to free some space). This clever slot-in construction is sturdy and allows plenty of legroom. Ingenious! The Nzela table is available in three color combinations of your choice.

Source: 2Modern Blog 

This is completely awesome, especially for homes and spaces with children because kids love furniture that is dynamic. It will keep their interest peaked and make work time and activity times more interesting and less arduous and tantrum filled because the environment always looks new and creative…kids love to discover new spaces.

matthieu on 06/11/11

yes, but 11.000,00 €
is it a joke? how to understand this kind of price ?

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