May 6, 2011

We, shoebox dwellers, know that growing plants in tiny urban apartments can be challenging. Plants need light and space, and even if you have a windowsill – its precious real estate is most likely occupied with other things. But don’t let that discourage you! Sky Planter from Fire Escape Farms offeres a great solution. It allows to turn your plants upside down and hang them off your ceiling. A locking disc holds the soil and plant in place, and an innovative reservoir system conserves water by 80% and gradually hydrates the plant’s roots. There you have it – simple, beautiful, zero conter space infringement… Sky Planter is made from ceramic with stainless steel wire and comes in two sizes.

Paula on 09/03/13

But geotropism makes the plants naturally grow upwards. So even if you put a planter upside down, in the end the plants will distort their shape looking for their natural direction. Hmmm… Not very sure.
Even so, your blog is amazing. Congratulations!

Natalia on 09/03/13

Thank you!

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