January 5, 2016


Here is one unorthodox way to lift your greenery off your counters – sculpturesque planters. SEED by Taeg Nishimoto of studio TN/MOS created these beautiful wall mounted objects that can hold and showcase small house plants. Inspired by river stones, the pieces are made of fast drying cast concrete using the crumpled Tyvek as the mold. Impressive as single pieces, SEED planters can also be combined into various clusters, melting the line between utility and wall art.


October 1, 2015


I really like this concept of a self-planting upside-down herb pot. Verdure by London based young designer Seoyeonjin Choi simplifies the indoor gardening to the point of a no-brainer. All you need to do is to insert the seeds into the soil sponge compartment and add water every now and then. The sponge will absorb just the right amount of water, and the halogen lamp will keep your herbs alive and thriving. The screen will protect the plant from any kitchen factors. And the best part, the planter can be attached to the wall or backdrop, so it doesn’t take any counter space.


September 2, 2015

A notable Kickstarter for the urban gardeners out there – Elegant Farm. Made from all-natural recycled materials (glass bottles, ropes, leather straps, recycled whiskey barrels), this hydroponic system allows you to grow your veg in style. The principle is low tech and simple. Bubbles of air from the air pump lift water up to feed the plants. The liquid nutrients drain down through each planter to the reservoir and the plants drink as much as they need. Tiny rocks in each bottle give the plant roots something to hold onto so there’s no soil. Refill once a week and repeat. Available for purchase through Kickstarter.


July 23, 2015


Repotting a plant is a big chore (and in my case, a sure death sentence to a plant). Which is why London based studio Ayaskan created Growth, a smart adaptable pot that changes its size to fit its inhabitant’s needs. The origami-like creases unfold to add volume. A simple and elegant solution. And it makes the dreaded procedure a lot easier. Just add soil, and it’s done.


May 22, 2015

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Here is another exciting launching campaign – Tableau, an automatic self-watering system that includes a tray, inverted water reservoir and three elegant planters. The principle is simple and ingenious: the water reservoir supplies moisture to the tray, and the tray delivers it to the plants through holes in the pots. No fuss, no guess work, and no electricity. Perfect for forgetful home gardeners or people who travel a lot. Currently Kickstarting.

(via swissmiss)


April 22, 2015


Remember Urbio? They came up with a new, even more user-friendly line, called Perch. The principle is the same as the previous system, only now the panels can be attached to the wall via damage-free Command Strips. Perfect for renters and power drill challenged. The storage containers vary in size, allowing you to build many configurations. Watch the video after the break to see the installation.


February 26, 2015


A beautiful flat packed planter, made in NYC from reclaimed sails? Yes to that idea! Designers Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse, together Garden Apartment studio, created Nomad, an eco-friendly planter with us, urban gardeners, in mind. The piece is adaptable to a variety of environments. It can hang from a rope, sit on the coffee table, or be transported to the window for more sunlight. You can even choose to only plant one side and hang it on the wall to create a vertical garden. The open ended design leaves the placement up to the user. Available for purchase here.


February 10, 2015


Here is a cool way to lift your greenery off the counters and windowsills – Well Light. Designed by Toronto based studio Object Interface, this light fixture doubles as a planter. The shape of the lampshade is ideal for the plants to receive enough sunlight, while the body of the lamp is made of cast aluminum with an acid etched glass diffuser. The Well Light pendant lamp comes in black, white, or a combination of the two.


January 15, 2015


This bookish planter by Yuki Yamamoto of Japanese design duo YOY is not only a thing of beauty, but a thing of utility as well. Disguised as a tome, it sits on a shelf or a table next to your actual books, bringing a touch of greenery to your room. The piece is made of PMMA and PVC for waterproofing. If you open the cover page, the planter stands on it’s own, and you can see the soil inside. The title of the book is “The Life of Plants.” Clever.


November 3, 2014


This aesthetically pleasing planter/desk organizer has been created by Italian design center Fabrica. Designers researched the ways our minds operate when we’re at our desks, and they concluded, that a healthy distraction is needed in order to stay productive. And plans are a natural and non-toxic way to create such a distraction. “The plants, nestled in ceramic pots, balance in a metal structure supported by a stone base, – designers explain, – The two halves represent the physical and mental wellbeing that make us whole. We think of it as a gentle reminder to keep balance in your working life.” The planter swings a little when touched, providing a simple way to switch focus. The indentations on the base can hold your pens, pencils, notes and other small objects.