June 6, 2011

A dishwasher is usually a ‘one trick pony’ kind of object, it rarely performs any functions other than doing your dishes (based on my personal experience – you are fairly lucky if it does just that). But wouldn’t it be brilliant if it could add more to your home? Designer Kim Joomin thought so. That is why he created this incredible concept for Elecrolux. The item, called Dishwasher L, is a light fixture that doubles as an appliance. Positioned over the dining table, Dishwasher L will handle plates, glasses and flatware, quickly eliminating the immediate mess. In addition to its obvious space-saving properties, the piece recycles & purifies used water for the next wash. Because what kind of a futuristic object it would be if it wasn’t eco friendly?..


Graham on 06/06/11

Sure, and who wouldn’t want a bigass electrolux logo hanging above their dining room table?

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