January 7, 2013


These beautiful objects by Elisabeth Hertzfeld will surely let your creative flag fly. Remake is a modular lighting system that gives you the means to create your own luminous wall sculptures. Thanks to their flexible design these lights can be arranged into various configurations. Perfect for small or odd-shaped spaces, Remake can fit any wall or corner. Each module comes with a 10 watt xenon bulb housed in a light diffusing plastic casing. Plugged into a standard US outlet, the modules emit a soft glow tinted by the coloration of the casing. Kits comes with the specified modules, bulbs and connecting hardware. When you’re ready for a change, simply disassemble the modules and re-combine them to suit your needs. You can even grow your piece at any stage by adding more modules. Clever. Available for purchase here.


February 20, 2012

The Soft Fold Cabane is a temporary space, complete with several quilted duvets, a reading table, a low bench and a lamp. Designed by Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller, this system can create an instant guest iceland or become a temporary solution for a newly rented apartment. Folding wooden screens create privacy.

According to the designers, the piece has its origins in a found object with very particular properties:

“It is a foldable wooden structure, found in the darkest corner of an antique market in the north of Scotland.” the duo say.

“The origin of this structure is unknown, but we are guessing that it had a previous life as fishing tent. Perhaps it was set up on a riverbank and, with the addition of a canvas, it would shelter fisherman from the elements. Whether this speculation is true or not, we know it is now out of use.”

Soft Fold Cabane is currently being exhibited in the Next Cabane exhibition; a Fabrica group show at MUDAM Luxembourg which runs until the 10th of June.

(via M.E. Design Magazine)


October 10, 2011

Ukrainian designers Valeriy Kuznetsov, Katerina Kuznetspva and Illarion Karnaukh, all together Decorkuznetsov Sudio, have created this family of dual-functional objects. Called Ushanki (Russian for ‘babushka’ hats), the pieces combine shelving and illumination. Each wooden unit is fitted with a fluorescent lamp, which makes Ushanki perfect as a night stand or an ambient bookcase. The piece comes in three sizes.

September 20, 2011

The Watson desk from UK based manufacturer Made.com is small in size and generous on impact and practicality. Made from oak veneer with glossy contrasting details, the piece includes several space-saving solutions. The storage compartment with holes for cables takes care of clutter. The shelf with integrated LED lighting (optional) allows to store and display books and other small items while illuminating the working surface. The manufacturing process itself is an exercise in efficiency. The items are produced in small batches only when backed up by high web approval ratings. The deadline for placing orders is given to the voters, after which all orders are processed together, ensuring that there is no waste of storage space for unsold products. This clever and eco-friendly strategy reminds me of the StyleFactory here, in New York.

September 15, 2011

Viper is a series of LED lamps, created by Danish designer Philip Bro Ludvigsen for Danish lamp manufacturer Le Klint. The piece comes in three sizes – small, base-less version (that can be converted into a wall lamp), a medium table lamp, and a large floor model. Viper is made of leather or wool felt and fitted with flex wiring, which is why it can be bent into any shape imaginable. With these highly adaptable lightpieces you can direct your illumination in any way you please. The lamps were recently unveiled at the  Copenhagen Design Week 2011.

September 14, 2011

Abbracio is a beautiful upholstered bed designed by Fausto Boscariol for Italian manufacturer Europeo. The most telling feature of this piece is a bending headboard that embraces you (hence the name) while illuminating your reading. Two lights, incorporated into the corners of the bed, can be turned in any direction, giving you the choice of direct or ambient lighting. The bed comes in a variety of colors. Watch the videos to see Abbracio in action.

September 1, 2011

The Grass Lamp by Marko Vuvkovic made me look. In the attempt to introduce natural elements to a home interior, the designer combined lighting with greenery in one elegant object. The piece is made from PVC plastic and incorporates space for a small planter. The lighting source located directly above it provides enough illumination for the grass to grow. Available as a floor lamp or a pendant.

August 29, 2011

This cool attempt to combine furniture with lighting reminds me of the Blanco White collection I featured some time ago. Light in Drawer, the concept design by Shinoby Koizumi, also adds an ambient touch to storage. Each drawer of this cabinet is fitted with the lighting source, beaming through the wooden facade. By opening drawers you can create various lighting effects. The knobs are nothing more than the screw caps of the same bulbs used for illuminating the piece (lovely humorous detail). Besides, having light inside your drawers is always a helpful thing.

August 8, 2011

This unusual lighting object, called Matt Lamp and designed by German studio llot llov, is covered in Angora and Merino wool cozy. It conceals the long cord and makes the lamp fluffy and adorable. Thanks to the amorphous structure of the object, it can be transformed into anything you wish and your space would allow – reading lamp, night light, chandelier, the options are endless. Cute!


July 27, 2011

It seems that the more commonplace e-readers get, the more popular it becomes to incorporate actual books into objects. Even Philippe Starck participated in this trend by creating Bibliotheque Nationale – a lamp that features bookshelves. This multifunctional piece will help you to store your books, periodicals and other reading materials right under your light source. And if you have gone completely paper free, the lamp provides a comfortable charging station for all your devices.